Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Is Feel-Desire really free?

  • Our website is supported by adverts.

Q: Why do I need credits?

  • Credits are only needed if you want to advertise your profile and gain advantage to the competition.

Q: How do i buy credits?

  • We only accept PayPal as form of payment.

Q: Do i need a credit card to confirm my ID?

  • No. We will never ask for credit card details.

Q: Is Feel-Desire a safe website?

  • We will never share your details to anyone and the website is encrypted with an SSL certificate.

Q: Is my privacy respected?

  • We will never give your details to other members or use your details for any purpose without your permission.



If you need any help we have a dedicated support team ready to help 24/7. Look for us in your messages menu.